How To Sew

You have just taken delivery of your brand new sewing machine and you are itching to get started and get all creative, however there is one thing stopping you, you don't know how to sew. Sewing Machines

Sewing machines can indeed be overwhelming, with all those buttons knobs and switches, you may be wondering what goes where,
fear not as we walk you through step by step.

As every machine is different be sure that you get acquainted with your user manual.


First Steps.

Now that you have been through the user manual and you have a very basic understanding of your machine and what it can do, the first step is to thread your machine.

Remember again, that every machine is different, although there will usually be a spindle for you to add your thread, after that there will be quite few other places on the machine that you will thread through before finally getting to the needle. Quilting Machines


It is recommended to practice this a number of times before starting a project.


The Bobbin

Now before you actually begin to sew, you will need to wind the bobbin, again for your particular machine please refer to the user manual, as you will have to take one of the empty bobbin cartridges and the color of the thread you are using and stick the thread through the small hole on the bobbin cartridge.

Once this is accomplished you should be ready to wind the bobbin using your foot pedal.


At this point you can now add the bobbin to your machine. Juki TL Series Metal Bobbins


Ready To Sew


You are now ready to sew and you will just need
some fabric, although it is recommended to pre-wash your fabric beforehand.

Once you are ready to sew it is advised to seek out some patterns of which there are many that can be found online or in your local craft shop.


You may also want to seek out some basic accessories like a zipper and buttons etc, however this will be dependent on the project. Sewing Machine Supplies