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Getting Started With Machine Embroidery for Beginners

Embroidery machines can create some amazing stitched designs that can embellish clothing, home decor items, hats, and much more.

As challenging as it might seem for beginners who have never used an embroidery machine, the process is not so difficult to learn as long as the right supplies are used.

Whether working with a personal or a multi needle embroidery machine, these are some basics that apply in all cases to get new embroiderers started down the right path!

  • Thread - Single and multi needle embroidery machines both should be used with thread designed specifically for embroidery. Available in multiple fibers including rayon, polyester, cotton, and metallic threads, embroidery threads are produced to be smoother and stronger than standard sewing machine thread so they pass more easily through the needles and fabric, while also being more durable in the finished design against product use. They are also available in a countless assortment of bright, vibrant colors that look beautiful in machine embroidery.
  • Stabilizers - Stabilizers are the essential backing material that is used under the fabric to give the embroidery thread more to hold onto while also preventing damage to the fabric due to the multiple piercings from the needle. There are a variety of embroidery stabilizers available for use with different fabrics. The main three stabilizers are cut-away, tear-away, and wash-away. 
  • Hoops - Every embroidery machine, whether a personal single needle type or a professional multi needle embroidery machine, requires an embroidery hoop to stretch and stabilize the fabric while it is being stitched. There is a wide variety of hoops available to fit the different embroidery machines sold, from small sizes for doing tiny embellishments to larger ones for larger designs and special hoops for embroidering on hats, too. 
  • Embroidery Software - Lastly, beginner embroiderers must learn to use whatever embroidery software is used with their embroidery machine. Some machines may have simpler programs that allow the customization of built-in or uploaded designs. Other machines, like many multi needle embroidery machines, also have digitizing software that permits the embroiderer to create completely custom and unique designs and map out their own stitch patterns.

Though learning machine embroidery does require some practice especially with regard to making more complex, custom-digitized artwork, beginners can do so by taking their time.

Learn the basics by practicing simpler embroidery designs on a personal embroidery machine, then once the process has become practiced and familiar, move up to a more complex multi needle embroidery machine.

In time, anyone can create amazing stitched embroidery designs with fun embroidery machines!