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Buying Guide For a Compact Sewing Machine

If you have an inadequate amount of space, or just want an extra sewing machine for your RV or vacation home, a compact sewing machine can be a great addition. While smaller sewing machines might not have the power or the capability of a full-sized machine, thanks to advances in technology these machines can accomplish a wide variety of jobs. 

Many of us love our sewing machines. We love how strong and powerful they are, and how they are quickly able to help us mend our denim pants, do dress hems, or create any project we can think of for our grandchildren.

But if you have a limited amount of space or have to travel, having a compact sewing machine is a great alternative. When purchasing one of these machines, you should look for the same features you would look for if you were shopping for on any regular sewing machine.

Most of these machines are available for less than $500, and since you want this machine to be transportable, weight should be one of your primary buying factors. While you want a machine that is light enough to easily carry, you also want one that is heavy enough that won't be pulled around easily as you pull the fabric through the arm. Sewing Machines

You should also realize that these later machines are designed to work with lighter materials and are not designed to do upholstery or heavy denim. Compact Sewing and Quilting Sewing Machine

The power source also a big concern as well. If at all possible to avoid battery-powered compact sewing machines because these often lack the power necessary even for the most basic sewing jobs. Look for one that has a long cord to reach almost any outlet.

If you take your time when you go shopping for a new compact sewing machine, you should be able to get one that meets your needs. Sewing Cabinets


Types of Sewing Machines

Sewing machines are made according to the place of use. This may either industry or home. The industrial sewing machines are categorized in different ways. 

Flat bed 

It is used to sue the flat pieces of fabric together. It has an arm and needle that extend to the flat base of the sewing machine.

Cylinder Bed

It is characterized by narrow and horizontal column. For that reason, the fabric will always pass around and under the column. The machine sews the cylindrical pieces such as cuffs, saddles, and shoes.

Post Bed

This model has a vertical column that rises above the flat base of the machine. It has a vertical column of about 10cm to 45cm. Such types of machines are capable of sewing the emblems, boots, and gloves.

Of-the arm

The model allows the users to feed the material along the axis of the horizontal column. It is applicable for seaming sleeves and shoulder. Sewing Cabinet

On the side, the domestic sewing machines are relevant for household use. They are made with the ability to handle a variety of materials. The only disadvantage associated with them is the inability to handle the heavy task. They include:

Manual Sewing Machine

They are the basic models that do not need electric power to control them. The user values them because of their durability. They are capable of sewing light and medium weight materials. 

Electronic Sewing Machines

They have a single motor which gives power to the needle. The electronic foot pedal control the speed of the machine. They are important when sewing multiple fabrics and large volume of stitch patterns. Portable Sewing Machine

Computerized Sewing 

They serve in advanced needs. They are fixed with a touch screen that enables the users to set commands on it. They assist in sewing the complex embroidery stitches. 

Overlocker Machines 

The machines are capable of cutting the edges and sewing them. They run at high speed, thus, necessary for hemming and seaming. Sewing Machines